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How long are your lease terms?
We offer 7 to 15-month lease terms. A short-term lease fee of $150 may apply to any lease agreement entered under 12 months.

What deposits are needed?
Our security deposits vary from $600 for a 1 bedroom, $700 for a 2 bedroom or up to one month's rent.

How do I pay rent?
All payments can be made online via our website on the Resident portal or on

Is renter’s insurance required?
Yes, renter’s insurance is required with a minimum of $100,000 property liability.

Are any utilities included in rent?
No, utilities are not included in rent.

What utilities am I responsible for?
You are responsible for water/sewer, electricity, and trash.

Who is my cable/ internet provider?
AT&T or Comcast

Does your Property accept packages?
Yes, packages can be held in our locker package room for up to three days. 

What are the pool hours?
Our pool is open from dawn to dusk.

What if I need maintenance?
You can create a work order on the Resident portal, or you may call or visit the Leasing Office. For afterhours emergency maintenance, please call the Leasing Office phone number and follow the prompts. For emergencies, dial 911.

Do the apartments have a washer/ dryer?
Yes, all our apartment homes have a full-size washer/dryer.

Can I bring my own washer and dryer?
No, all our apartment homes have a full-size washer/

Is parking first come first serve or do we pay for a permit/spot?
Parking is first come first serve. 1 parking spot per lease holder. Additional parking is $100 per month.

Is the community pet friendly?
Yes, we are pet friendly.

What is the pet policy?
No weight limit, breed restrictions (nonaggressive bread dog or mixes of) apply.

What are your restricted breeds?
Akita, Alaskan Malamute, Chow, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Husky, Pit Bull Terriers*, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard & Wolf Dog Hybrids. * (including all Pit Bull breeds - American Pit Bull Terriers, American or Irish Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Pit Bulls, American Bull Dogs, & Presa Canario.)

Can I sublet my apartment?
No, subletting is not permitted.

Are your apartments furnished?
No, our apartment homes are not furnished.

Are we allowed visitors? Do they need a visitor pass?
Yes, you can have visitors. Visitors can park on the first floor of the parking garage but need to register their vehicle to avoid it being towed by a third-party vendor after Leasing Office hours.

Can visitors use the amenities?
Yes, we allow one guest in the company of the leaseholder. 

How do I access my apartment if I lose my key?
We can grant you access to your apartment with proper identification during office hours. If this is after hours, you will need to call a locksmith.

Can I paint walls in my apartment? Can I hang things on the walls like a TV or artwork?
Yes, you may. You must turn in the apartment in its original condition upon move out. 

Can I start renting with a month-to-month lease?
No, we only offer 7 to 15-month lease terms. 

When do I have to move-in by?
As soon as the home is ready or 14 days (about 2 weeks) from the available date.

What is your late fee policy?
10% of one month's rent.

If I need to move out, how do I give notice? When do I have to give notice?
We require a 60-day written notice in person.

Are there termination fees if I need to leave suddenly?
Yes, two months' rent or until the apartment is re-let, depending on which option you pick on your lease contract.

Who will be able to get into my apartment and for what reasons? How much notice will I be provided?
Whoever you allow to be in your apartment home. If we give your guest keys, you must give us a written notification allowing us to release keys.

Will the locks be changed before I move in?
Every time someone new moves in, we change locks.

Am I allowed to add a roommate later?
Yes, however, you must pay an application fee of $65 and a lease change fee of $100.

Are there bike racks? Storage units? Garages? Other rentable amenities?
There are no bike racks, storage units, covered parking or reserve spots, however, we do offer garages.

Are there smoke alarms in the units? Carbon monoxide detectors? Alarm systems?
We have fire sprinklers throughout the community and fire extinguishers on the exterior of each building. There are no carbon monoxide detectors or alarm systems. 

How is trash collected? What about recycle? How do I get rid of a large piece of furniture?
Valet trash picks up your trash on Sunday through Thursday. We do have recycling compactors as well. 

Do the apartments have window coverings? Ceiling fans?
Yes, each unit consists of ceiling fans and window coverings in the living room and bedrooms.

Are there elevators? If so, do I need to make reservations to use the elevators for move-in/large deliveries/move-out?
Yes, we have elevators, and they need to be reserved for moving in and out. 

What is your smoking policy?
We are a non-smoking property.

Can I install a satellite dish?
No, satellite dishes are not permitted.

Am I allowed to transfer to a smaller/larger apartment after moving in?
Yes, you can transfer after six months of your lease with a fee of $700. 

Where do I pick up my mail? Packages?
The mailroom is located on the first floor along with the package room off the Leasing Office.  

How do I alert the office if I am getting a food delivery?
No need to notify the office, but let the carrier know they need to access the callbox in the parking garage.

What is your noise policy?
All tenants are asked to not disturb the peace of others and follow city noise ordinances.

Am I allowed to have a grill?
You may not store any flammable equipment in your unit or balconies. We have two grills located onsite that can be used on a first come first serve basis.

What things do I need to maintain in the apartment? Do you supply AC filters, refrigerator filters, light bulbs?
We supply the AC filters, one refrigerator filter and light bulbs to pre-existing light fixtures.